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GoPro & Easystar, nose blocking the view


Junior Member
I'm trying to mount GoPro (version 1) on Easystar but planes nose is blocking the view.
I want to record flight without any visible plane parts.
There are few possibilities,
-lift camera higher (blocks air flow to propeller, breaks easily if crashed)
-move camera forward (COG is way off)
-cut off piece on nose (earodynamic issues, weakens the frame)

Has anyone found solution for this?

especially pictures would be helpful.


lumpy member
can you move the camera forward and move the battery back? also, you could try sticking the camera on the bottom and pointing it down a bit, but the you would need to add landing gear, or land on your gopro.


Senior Member
My solution on the Bixler was to mount a number of squares of foam glued together. It dampens vibration nice as well. I simply added until it was high enough to get over the nose. I do use a wingcam which is more aerodynamic than the gopro and easier to rubber band down for security, but it's worth a look.

2013-04-14 17.00.50.jpg