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GoPro Hero, Hero 2


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Thought I would start a thread about the GoPro on here. I just picked one up for an early birthday present from the exchange on base (can beat 15% off and a 30 dollar off coupon).
So I was messing around with it and updating the firmware and I thought I would post links and stuff that I had to research to perform these tasks, and ask a few questions.

Firmware Update for GoPro Hero

Firmware Update for GoPro Hero 2

Tutorials on how to download, install and others

Ok my first question. What setting do you use to record during FPV Full HD (5) or the 60 FPS (3) for those slow motion shots if you wanted them.

Also did anyone do the 120 FPS firmware hack that I keep reading about?

My next project is to wire up the FPV harness even though i don't have a FPV setup yet. Just want to be prepared.

David's DIY for the GoPro Hero HD Live output trick
I'll be getting one soon, I'm waiting to order one after Xmas along w/ FatShark Dominator and other FPV gear
I might have to check out the Base Exchange for the GoPro and see if I can get a good deal like u Johntra (got to love tax free)
Note - When you upgrade firmware on GoPro HD you do not need any TV-out tricks as TV out is supported by firmware.
As this was not the case on earlier firmwares the TV-out trick was needed.