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got my retracts on!

Hi all
new here but thought id show you my retracts that ive fitted to me quad......

may swap the wheels for feet yet but im not sure, what you all think?

have a nice day peeps......


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Nice setup. It fitted really well with the frame.
You should try it with feet only too, just to see how it looks.


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Nice. I have three coming for my tricopter as well.

One cool thing it appears you can do is yaw on the ground in circles like an ice skater. :cool:


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They are somewhat heavy coming in at 54g. Plus, of course, the wiring, mounting method and legs, which will probably add another 5-15g per retract. The very nice aspect is they are rated at 4.7kg which my tri is not even close at 963g AUW. That should give me a nice safety margin on a hard landing. A misleading bullet point in the description is they are "90 degree twist when retracted" which is not true.

I have some left over 4.5mm hollow carbon fiber tube I will probably use for the legs. I do plan to make them easily removable.
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hi guys

just weighed the quad and fully loaded it is 1213 grams, the retracts weigh 60 grams each inc the leg shields and tyres. im whipping all the crap i dont need on the retracts off now to see if i can loose a load of weight (it flys great with the weight on anyway) and see if i can design some feet or something to do the job. ill post another vid in a bit.....thumbs up:applause:
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(it flys great with the weight on anyway) and see if i can design some feet or something to do the job. ill post another vid in a bit.....thumbs up:applause:
I'm wondering how much more time in the air that will buy you. I'm guessing a couple minutes more at least.
1 min extra on a 2200 and 2.5 mins on a 4250mah.

not too shabby, specially as it did a return to home on not much batt when i went out of range. im flying with a dx8 but im not sure this has the same sort of range as my old futaba. bit more testing yet i think. not quite convinced of the dx8's range.any one know anyone else with dx8's coming up short. the things only a few weeks old???

never mind its working like a charm for the mo , just have to have a tweeeeeeeek....


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I have the DX8 with the AR8000 Rx, and the range has been more than enough for LOS. I'm guessing it's somewhere between 1.5 and two miles with the sat module with a clear LOS from what I've read, but of course you have to use the sat mod., unlike OrangeRx where it's not required.

So far, with my very rural location, and rarely fly around other RC, I see no need to use the $130 receiver. I've been using the OrangeRx 6 ch and OrangeRx 9ch+sat mod and have never had a broken link yet. But I will say I've not ventured more than 1000 feet from my transmitter either.
Ive just ordered a couple of the orange 9 channel with sat to see how they go. not much rc here either cyberdactyl.....im billy no mates stuck in the middle of a field lol never mind...i should have another quad from hobby king turn up today. i keep checking my tracking every five mins lol