Help! Graupner MZ-24 PRO HoTT(Hopping Telemetry Transmitter) Radio BINDING with S-FHSS Micro Helis


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Good Day to you all,

I am an intermediate RC Helicopter pilot and getting back into flying RC Helicopters, mainly scale flying after a few years.

Last year in June 2019, I bought a Graupner MZ-24 PRO HoTT Radio with Falcon 12 FBL from GraupnerUSA. It is manufactured in Germany. I asked them does this radio support FHSS/S-FHSS, they say it uses HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmitter). The specs on the radio manual says it supports FHSS Modulation. The German manufacturer says it only supports HoTT, and will not BIND with T-Rex 150X. The T-Rex 150X uses a 150GRS FBL with a Built-In Receiver (S-FHSS) and Bluetooth. I did a search on HoTT and below is what I found about HoTT:

HoTT - Hopping Telemetry Transmission is reliability, with up to 75 channels in the 2.4-GHz band.

HoTT - uses frequency hopping spread spectrum technology. (FHSS)

HoTT - achieves maximum reliability with the legally prescribed transmission power of 100 mW and new, intelligent correction software.

HoTT - offers integrated telemetry in real time. (expandable)

HoTT - is fully programmable with the help of the Smartbox.

HoTT - is modular and thus can also be retrofitted.

Binding of any number of receivers for channel expansion (maximum of 32 channels)

The reason I asked is because I now want to buy an Align T-Rex 150X or an XK K130 which uses S-FHSS to fly indoors and when the weather is bad.. I already have a Raptor E300MD with Graupner Falcon 12 FBL. I told them I want to buy an Align T-Rex 150X and want to BIND it with my Graupner MZ-24 PRO HoTT Radio and want to know if it will work. I see that HoTT uses the FHSS protocol. They could NOT confirm. I DO NOT want to buy the Trex 150X and find that it does NOT work. Is there a possability that you guys can assist me by doing a test to see if it WILL BIND? I want the Micro Trex 150X to fly in my apartment when the weather is bad. My E300MD is too big. I would appreciate your assistance if any one can test Graupner MZ-24 PRO HoTT Radio with an Align T-Rex 150X or any Micro heli that uses an FHSS/S-FHSS protocol/modulation. I am aware that Micros use Servo Gears with Plastic Gears, which break often on hard landings. So will have to get spares. I am completely confused as is clearly states that HoTT uses FHSS, but GraupnerUSA and Germany say it uses only HoTT. HoTT uses FHSS, so can any one help me with this solution? If not, then will stay away from all Graupner brands period.

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