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The long title says it all, But I'm not sure when the official start of the build along is, my start is OCT 1rst. I also have a build thread on RCG as I have nothing better to do with my time...Actually I like any input I can get while building so I can get good results as I am still a newbie builder...

The GP Extra 300S, 60 size isn't made any more and I probably have one of the last kits left on the planet. This will be an electric conversion with a few minor structural modifications recommended by other builders, other than that it will be per design and "scale like". I am installing a Fiberglass Specialties cowl, but am going to build the wheel pants with the kit parts. A Truturn Turbo Cool spinner will be installed also. Below is a list of parts for the build, I use this same system in my Sig Hog Bipe and it has spectacular power (1,800 - 2,000 watts) with about a 7-9 min run time depending on throttle use. The main complaint about Great Planes kits is that they build heavy, so I may look at some lightening options along the way, but with the power of this motor it may be a better idea to leave it and actually beef up the engine mount area a bit.

6s battery (Turnigy 4500, 30-40c)
Scorpion SII-4025-520KV motor
Master Airscrew 14x9x3 - 3 bladed prop for scale look and speed or 15x8 Xoar electric prop for all around flying and some 3d
Truturn Turbo Cool spinner with nose cones for 2 and 3 bladed props
Fiberglass Specialties cowl
Castle Phoenix Edge 100amp ESC
Castle CC BEC 2.0 (14 amp BEC)
GP Extra 300S 60 kit, of course
Hitec D625MW digital high speed servos
Great Planes, Electrifly, large motor mount (I have had great success with this line of motor mounts for conversions)



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I'm looking for graphics, I found this guy Bad Brad Graphics and know about Cali graphics, but anyone know of others? Bad Brad makes complete wrap packages and they look really pro.


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Awesome :D

Going for the Red Bull finish design on this one? I recommend Cali Graphics - she did super fast turn around on custom work for my T-28 Fenec that looks great - and at a great price too.


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Cali Graphics won't print the Red Bull scheme due to copyright laws and Bad Brad is in the hospital just coming out of a 5 week coma from heart surgery. Maybe Red Bull wasn't meant to be...

There are some local vinyl graphics places in Seattle, maybe I can work something out with them?


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I just contacted Red Bull for permission to use the graphics on my rc airplane. I asked them for permission for Callie Graphics to print them. Jeez, everything I do seems so complicated these days...


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Here's the reply from Red Bull... So, in the meantime, I have found a company that will sell me any size Red Bull graphics that I desire. Will that make me an outlaw if I go forward with this? Sounds cool though "Outlaw Extra 300S build" I wonder if the FBI will smash my door down and take my airplane?

Red Bull USA
Sep 28, 17:27
Hey David,
We appreciate your interest, however our logo and phrase are not available for public or individual use as they are reserved for our sponsored athletes, special events, and commercials.
We’re glad you asked because using it would be a trademark infringement, yikes!
Thanks for asking and for being such a fan!
Soaring Regards,
Red Bull
Download Red Bull TV here:

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
My guess is that their lawyers make them say that, but the corporation probably would love any extra exposure of their name.


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Plus it'd cost them way to much $ and bad publicity if they did that. Go for it. We just had a bunch of people do it in the red bull challenge anyway.


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Well, my wife is a graphic designer and has frequently refused work, even highly profitable jobs, because she will just not risk the copyright law infringement. It is a real thing and frankly, you should proceed with a LOT of caution. The difference with the red bull challenge was that it was endorsed by red bull. Just something to consider but if it were me... I would proceed by changing colors slightly and modifying the logo pretty heavily.

A personal example is my Sikorsky S-39. I purposefully REVERSED the entire logo and simplified it a bit so that it would resemble the real one but was undeniably different. Yes, even the "scale guy" has to make some compromises to be ethical.


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So, I was doing an inventory and marking parts and I have been shorted 13 sheets of 1/16 balsa sheeting. On the flip side they sent me an extra set of ribs and joiners to build a complete extra, win some loose some. I place an order with National balsa for $25 worth of sheeting and about $40 with shipping...


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The official build start was today and I did glue one part together, we just got back from camping yesterday, so not much progress today. The Fiberglass Specialties cowl showed up today (after only ordering it 4 days ago), and it looks great, as usual.