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Great Planes Sopwith Camel

Well, I scrapped the Hobby King Dr.1 - not worth the trouble.

I'm using the ESC and the motor in a new build, a Sopwith Camel wood frame warbird from Great Planes.

I had to fabricate a new motor mount with basswood to get it to fit, but that's ok, it saves me a bunch of money.

So far, the instructions are excellent and I'm about 80% done. Everything fits where it's supposed to and lines up perfectly.

I'll post pics and a review of the maiden flight when ready!

This my first wood n/wrap plane, it certainly looks neat....closer to the real deal than the foamies. I'm curious if it will fly or "feel" different in the air. We shall see!
Cool, you will like that bird. I had the SE5A from Great Planes and it flew really nice. A bit more prone to nosing over than the Parkzone one though. Balsa planes have a more crisp and direct feel to them. They are better to fly, just have to be more careful as repairs are harder and take more time. Would rather have seen Parkzone do the Camel over the SE5A. One issue with the Great Planes bird well on the SE5A anyway was the landing gear. It is metal and I couldn't land it a soft as my Parkzone bird, but it bent real easy and the plastic wheel rims cracked very easy as well. I think if you put some slightly larger foam wheels they might give some cushion for the landing gear. Unless you have a nice smooth surface to land on.


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Good luck with the build. A really nice flying plane. You might want to set your CG a little forward of what in the manuel. I did and the plane settled down alot.


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It looks great!

I've used a clear matt paint that knocks the glossy look down, and gives it a more dope and fabric look.