Gremlin flight time


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I'm wondering how much flight time I can expect from an FT Gremlin on a 2 & 3 cell pack? I'm not using anything that sends info to any kind of FPV monitoring just yet.


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It really depends on the battery specs and how you fly. If you can't actively monitor the voltage, you'll have to set short timers and check the battery regularly until you get a feel for it.


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I got around 3-3.5min ripping around with a 3S 450 battery. Don't remember what it got on 2S because I only flew 2S indoors.


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Tuned well on stock props I rehularly got over 5 minutes of moderately hard flying on 3s 450 mah pulse racing series 45c batteries.

Looking to replace a burned up esc where I switched props and did not pay attention to heat.

Wondering if I want to go with the Emax stack so I have osd and not just pack voltages to go by because I do fly it hard.


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You don't even need to change the Flight Controller if you don't want to, I bought the micro OSD board mentioned here: and meant to do this modification, but I didn't get the chance to before someone flying nearby with a more powerful VTX powered on and flattened my video signal, causing my gremlin to go down in a large area of dense overgrowth, where I presume the battery got ejected because I never heard the beeper.

No more wimpy 25mW VTXs for me. Ever. I tried to be a good HAM and run the smallest amount of TX power I could get away with, but after losing quads to video signal loss and careless interference from other FPV users, it's going to be full power all the time from here on out.
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