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Gremlin Issues

Well, my Gremlin is built and kinda works but it flies like it is having a seizure. Would anybody be willing to help me out on this slow Sunday in the workshop?

I'm guessing posting a flight video and a screenshot of my settings is a good place to start. Or is this a known problem? I have searched and have not found anything.


Fly Angry
Probably a common issue with these if you don't use double sided tape to mount the Fc. But your description can mean a lot of things so yes screenies of your setting and a short video would greatly help.

Things got worse.

I did have the fc mounted with foam tape. It is that red 3M stuff. I was able to pry the FC up and add another layer of tape underneath. I remember doing this on my old Blade Helicopter to get it to act right. I then ran the quad up with BetaFlight and with the remote. It still seemed totally smooth in BetaFlight and not with the transmitter. I decided to fly it anyway. It flew perfectly... until it didn't. I flew it for about a minute in my daughter's dance room. It was flying so well that I bounced it around a little bit to see what I thought of the pids. Somehow I hit it on the floor and it skipped into the door. It broke the arm and then went COMPLETELY bananas. My daughter dove for cover. It shot over our heads and chopped into the ceiling.

What did I learn? Test flying anything in my house bigger than a whoop is a stupid idea. The Gremlin doesn't seem scary until it is pissed off and uncontrollable and coming for you indoors. I also learned that soft mounting the fc makes a big difference. Lastly, I just changed all of my switches on all of my quads to match. In that process I chose the opposite side for the engine off. My brain couldn't process that with an out of control quad. I need to practice hitting those switches so I can do it without thinking. I'm sure there is some other stuff I haven't thought of yet.

The good news is that I have a spare frame and props. I think that is all that I broke.
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Fly Angry
Air mode crashes on hard surfaces that don't absorb prop impact are always fun hehe.

Did we learn the lessen that these are in fact NOT toys even though they look like they are toys? At the very least this should enhance and ingrain that whole NEVER put your props on in doors or connected to a computer. Not bein a jerk but I am having a bit of a giggle as I know all too well what you just dealt with. Try having 5 incher do that near you.. Btw NEVER think you can tame the beasts. This was my adventure with a spastic drone and how I learned they can not be tamed.