Gremlin - No Radio Control


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So I've gotten a gremlin on my porch today, pre-assembled as i don't have much time to assemble it myself, only issue is my radio doesn't seem to control it. I've had the Spektrum DX6e and it's worked perfectly for my fixed wing escapades, but after toying around in Beta-flight and checking to make sure my motors ran before trying to put it into a wall on my maiden and checking my toggle switch I can't seem to get the quad to be controlled by my radio.

While in Beta-Flight my radio is recognized and all the colorful slider bars react accordingly to the inputs on the radio.

The radio is binding to the quad because the rapid flashing light from the receiver is going solid just like any receiver I've ever used.

All the motors work fine when tested in the motors tab in beta flight.

the 3d render of the quad reacts like it should when i use my radio.

nothing works when im not connected to my computer. Lights strobe AND when i flip my arm switch they flicker rapidly, but none of the motors will spin. it is bound and not looking for signal.

That's all the relevant information i can think of please send help brothers.

RESOLVED: Issue was within my radio itself. This post that French linked,
,had my issue addressed in it. Essentially the quad thought i was blasting the throttle when
in fact i wasn't i just had the throws on my throttle set funky
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Did you arm by moving throttle stick all the way down then to the right or some arm to the left.


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There appears to be a known min throttle issue with the gremlin and the default spektrum radios. I think you need to change your throws to 147% in order for the bottom of the stick to register as ~1000 command. Others with Spektrum should hopefully weigh in.

This thread may help -

By george he's done it. Much appreciated I knew it had to be something silly like that I just couldn't put my finger on it.