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Gremlin Review


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I was considering buying a gremlin when I saw a review on the power pack g v2 saying that it didn't work properly on the gremlin frames. I was wondering if this is still an issue?

If this is still an issue is it possible to fix it?


Wake up! Time to fly!
Not sure. I mainly see and work on the originals.

If you point me somewhere documenting said issues I can do some digging.


Wake up! Time to fly!
I dont see where there was any issue with the gear. That write up says he did not know what he was doing and failed to stop and seek help.

That is nothing bad about the gear there.

In my experience FT does not put out bad gear. ALL of it has been tested and designed for simplicity and be as econmical as possible and still be at least mid level gear and not banggood cheap.

If you are interested in building one pull the trigger and get the kit. READ the entire sales page as there has always been reccomended complimentary gear that has been tested as a complete unit.

Take your time building it and document every step so if ypu do run into problems you can always come here for help. The better your documentation process he better help xan be given.