Help! FT Guardian Gremlin V2 get started


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I got the gremlin v2 get started kit and i cant for the life of me figure out how to get the radiomaster t8 lite set up with it for flight. Flitetest has a youtube video for the zorro but not for the T8 lite if anyone knows where i should look or a quick copy and paste settings it would be much appreciated. This is my first time building a drone so im quite clueless and just followed the tutorial videos.


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Hey I also got the bundle and had to figure it out, you need to hold down the little button on the r81 receiver while you power up the quad(can be difficult to plug in the battery while holding the button!), then long press the button on the back of the t8(while it's on), t8 should be beeping, if its double beeping short press the button on the back, once the radio is single beeping that means it's in d8 mode and should then automatically bind to the receiver, the r81 receiver light will flash quickly when bind is done. When bind is done unplug and restart the quad and receiver light should stay lit solid.

I think if you don't do it fast enough it won't work so try to plug the battery into the quad while holding the button then immediately press the button on your radio


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Let us know how it goes. We recently built the Gremlin v.2 kit. It is a really nice kit with minimal soldering, but instructions outside of the videos are sparse. We couldn't get input from out SBUS-based RX to register in betaflight configurator until we flashed the FC firmware.