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Gremlin twichy

I had my Gremlin build and tuned... until it met a tree and spun to the ground (stone). broke a prop and all 8 nylon bolts holding the standoffs/c-fiber plates.

New screws and standoffs installed, I took it back up. It's now super squirrely twitchy and unstable!

Is it likely I can tune it up somehow in betaflight? Or do i have a damaged Flight Control board? How can I tell?



Fly Angry
It seems the Femto controller is extremely sensitive to the yaw axis. It gets finiky after hard hits I have found. Some days mine will fly like a 5 inch other days it is spastic. I have got in the habit of plugging mine into the gui and doing an acelerometer calibration before every session. It seems to help or maybe its in my head. I do fly in acro mode all the time so that really shouldn't matter but it seems to help as since I started doing that I have less spastic days with mine. sometimes just unplugging and rebooting at a more level start helps too. Also replacing the two layers of double sided tape helps with upkeep. Mine seems to twist its way to strange angles with the esc wires pulling on it. I may shorten mine so there is less pressure next time I open it up for cleaning and retaping.