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Gremlin standoff screws

I received a gremlin for Christmas. It was so much fun until I crashed a bit too hard and broke the standoff screws holding the top of the frame to the bottom. How can I get replacement screws?


Wake up! Time to fly!
They should be the standard m3x6 screws. I would however suggest you switch to titanium or aluminum screws as the nylons as have seen are super weak.

Yes they are meant to shear in a hard hit but the gremlins are so light its a non issue.

I have dropped mine at least 75 feet and it bounced on the grass with just a bent prop. I have flown it near full throttle into a steel pole exploding the camera case and bending the mount and have yet to even scratch the carbon fiber frame.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Thats what happens when you feed them one of their diversity antennas after midnight.

Its all fun n games till you turn the wrong way hehe. Tom Pettied that lil thing like a boss.