Groupner MZ-10 / GR-12L Issues


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I am a newbie trig to get my Tis Trainer off the ground.

I have the Groupner MZ-10 and GR-12L and it was previously bound and working. I put this project aside for a few months, but recently pulled it out to take it for it's maiden flight.

The RG-12L receiver no longer beeps when powered up. I have tested the battery, BAC and checked the output of the receiver and voltage is present.

I think the transmitter and receiver are no longer bound, however I cannot figure out how to get them to bind. When I press the "set" button on the GR-12L receiver, the red LED light flashes, but when I let go the light goes out.

When I press and hold the "mode" button on the MZ-10 transmitter nothing happens, the bind light will not come on.

I don't know what I am doing wrong and why this is not working.


Thanks in advance!

Liam B

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Make sure that the ESC wire going in to the receiver is the right way (ground/brown wire on top).

It sounds like you are bound. So make sure that the wire to the ESC is all intact, as the ESC is where the beeping is produced. If there is no beeping, it’s mostly likely a disconnect between the motor or ESC or ESC to the receiver.