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Hallo from Austria!

Hello from Austria!

Hallo an alle Deutschsprachigen Forumsmitglieder. Meine Vorstellung mach ich mal in Englisch. Ansonsten werde ich hier im Deutschen Forumsteil, selbstredend, in deutscher Sprache schreiben. Und ich bitte um Entschuldigung wenn ich hier als Österreicher, im deutschen Forum mitposte und schreibe. Gibt ja keinen Österreichteil ;-

My name is Miky, i'm 39 years old and leave in the wonderfully Wachau since 3 years now.

i started with the hobby modelflight 2 years ago. at least this to years i've only flown helicopters.
1. was an Eucuriel Silferlite heli with 4 channel, my with gave me on Christmas. i think, she will now believe, that gift
was not a good idea.

2. was a belt cp, i've never ever could flight it. Made to many mistakes at the beginnin.

3. the mcpx changes my modelflight life, never will miss it!

4. i catched a Blade 400 3d on the bay, and i worked bether and bether.

5. MSH Protos 500 landed in my hangar. Flyin changed in a new dimension ;-)

But after a while, there was something special. A Wish - fly planes to.....

and i started to observe the i-net, searched infos, watch videos - found TESTFliTE!

A new fan of ya is now on AIR!

Today i wonna start to build my first Plane ever!


I'm thinkin about makin a german build review here on your forum.

We will see!

yours Miky


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Welcome home! You'll find a great community here as well as with Flite Test in general.

Look forward to learning of your progress. If I may, I'd like to suggest you build the FT Flyer first as it is a quick build and will give you something to bang around with as you work on your slinger.

Hello and back again. After waitin for some Elektronics for the plane. I started build. First i have to say the FT looks in vid more white and my formboard and paper whas cutted a bit to hod. brown on the edges.

One of the controlhorns/linkagesstoppers is broke out of the box i had to fix it - part of the hobby ;-)

There where no cuts signed where the Aircubes are to fix.

at least it is not an good idea to order only one plane! For all others: If you wonna order speedbuild-kits, choose more minum 3.
Shipping to Europe is really expansive.

This few points are the only things i found.

I have to say that i enjoyed it very much to build (and hot glue ;-) ) this plane.

It looks really awesome!

THX to Testflite for this work. Friday its time for maiden. Tonight i will balance it.

Photo of the Austrian Slinger!

your miky


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It is a really nice plane.
We want flight pictures and video!
It is really not that hard to print the drawings and use local 6 mm depron you will find in Austria.


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Dein Flugzeug sieht sehr gut aus! The Racer/Ripsinger is going to be my next plane now that I'm getting used to the Spitfire. It appears to be the best for high speed maneuvers, it tracks so nicely and for some simple aerobatics. Guten arbeit, Tane.
Whas my first plane, ever! Cause of that, i took a simple way to build one!

the orange is a speciell fluriscendenst (hope thats right in englisch) orange. next step will be to install some nightfliht-specials.

the worst thing of paintin it, was that the aluminium-color and the Orange color didn't fit. Same company.
so there are a lot of crazy waves on the nose! But nobody will see that an flight and it is a good training to learn to paint.
John, the spit looks amezing, i'm thinkin about as the next Ft-projekt. But first i have to find a shop in Austria who will sell the right foamboard. Found one in Vienna. Next time there, i will go for it. Hope the have good Boards. I spoke with the company and the told me the have something bether as the FB with paper on it. Bether to bend and more durable. I will see and let you know about the other produkt.

Next will be to find a shop who can Print the huges building plan of the spit. I printed it on din A4 paper but i think that fit' not really.

PS: inflight photos of the Slinger will com sone.
The Austrian Slinger had his maiden! Last Friday a went at the flyin'field. What do i have to say......

Beginnermistake.....ailerons was set left is right, right is left. First flight - first crash.
But it is really durable. Picked it up, changed the settings and started again. And i flew amazing.

Video of the Second Maiden will come soon.....

On Sunday i was at the Dunkelsteinerwald-airfield, there was a great event with a lot of planes, great food and many people.

and at the afternoon Freeflight. So the Austrian-Slinger showed his nice side of a plane. The painting is very good to see and the plane looks great. The only point to say is, that i need a stronger motor, could be a bit faster, but that's cheatin on high level.
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That's nice to hear its a good flier, Tane. And yes, we always need a stronger motor. And a good crash just lets you know when you need to take a break from flying. :)
Foambretter Fliescher/Flieger

Hallo Österreich,

was machst du aus den Ideen der Amifreask?? Ne, die machen echt Super Sachen und Respekt das hat Hand und Fuss finde ich.
Da bekommt man auch sehr viele Ideen wenn man die Zeit dazu hat, alles nach zubauen.!

Herzlichen Gruss ins beste noch Skigebiet Europas finde ich mal so!! In allen Jahreszeiten immer wieder sehr schön.

Es gibt ja Modellbaushops, die bieten die Speedkits von Flitetest an, Lindinger.at auch wie ich gerade sehe!!

Gruss von Lothar, Airport Nato Ramstein/Germanien