Has Anyone ever tried controling a fixed wing using a Head tracker..


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Rocket man style... The trinity head tracker is very smooth and feels natural.. I wonder if it could be used to control the actual plane . I suppose this could be done through mixing in a Flight controller or even the channel mixer of a computer transmitter. Anyway just a thought I had


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HA! Never thought of doing that, but I think I might have to give it a try. Bloody wonder maybe? Or possibly the Tiny Trainer that I'm about to finish up in the next day or so.... Decisions decisions. I have a feeling your neck might get tired after a few minutes.


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I think a flight controller with autolevel would make it the most intuitive. By default, the plane would sort of be in "rate mode". In other words, you tip your head to the left and the plane rolls left, but then you level out your head and the plane stays in its bank until you tip your head the other way. With autolevel, the plane would return to level when you leveled out your head.