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  1. FrankFly

    Lesson and reminder

    Was having a great day flying my modified Simple Scout. This is my heaviest plane being slightly enlarged from the FT plans, the one I've had most difficulty learning to land smoothly. Almost no wind and practicing landings. On my third battery and feeling really good, having made several...
  2. C

    Is it possible...

    Would it be possible to link this system up to be the control for a fixed wing UAV...? This or This
  3. Snarls

    Control/RX Loss Mid Flight

    Had a few instances today where I would lose control mid flight. One time there was a visible RX Loss warning in the OSD as I loss control. Two other times losing control resulted in a slow flip, but there was no RX Loss warning. Luckily all times nothing was damaged because I was low to the...
  4. M

    Autonomous Flight Test

    Hi, I have built an autonomous plane using the FT tiny trainer. Originally I had problems keeping the plane level, so I changed the elevator/rudder combination to 2 elevons (I only want to use 2 servos). I had some issues keeping the plane level in flight with the elevons too. Here is a link to...
  5. Y

    Cheap Gimbal help

    Hey guys, I have one of the cheap 2 axis go pro gimbals from eBay laying around. My thought was put it to use. Using a simple mount to hold it and the battery. Without the receiver when i put it on one of my quadcopters I cannot control the pitch. Anyone have any idea how i can wire some type...
  6. R

    RC Plane Fun - An intuitive site to help RC Pilots!

    Come check out the new site, RC plane Fun! Here you can learn all about RC aircraft, airplanes, helicopters, and quadcopters! This is a great site for beginners just getting into the hobby and want to know "what next" and "how to!" There is also a weekly blog for new tips, tricks, and...
  7. M

    Make an airplane controlled with a PS3 remote

    I just started watching your youtube videos, and I never thought I would enjoy watching them as much as I do. I have a feeling that you guys like to do "Different", and though I have seen military drones being controlled by video game console remotes before, I would like to see you guys try. And...
  8. K

    Help with Naze32 - No Yaw control!

    Please can someone help me out? I am working on building my first quad (experienced pilot but not builder) and I have setup the naze32 on my custom quadcopter and pitch and roll work but I have no yaw control over the quad? The board recognizes my inputs for yaw and they are in the correct...
  9. mungral

    Show Suggestion:- basic aerobatics

    I would like to see some episodes on basic aerobatic manoeuvres. not just video footage, but diagrams and detailed information on transmitter stick control. a basic step by step on what to do with your fingers. and how to correct when it dose not work out. covering both outdoor and indoor (3D...
  10. M

    Has Anyone ever tried controling a fixed wing using a Head tracker..

    Rocket man style... The trinity head tracker is very smooth and feels natural.. I wonder if it could be used to control the actual plane . I suppose this could be done through mixing in a Flight controller or even the channel mixer of a computer transmitter. Anyway just a thought I had
  11. Lukas

    NEED HELP - FT Linkage stoppers don't fit servos

    I'm making my first scratch build FT Flyer, I ordered some accessories off the FT store like the firewall, push-rods and linkage stoppers. Then I got the recommended electronics from lazertoys.com. I've just installed my servos to find that the screw on the bottom of the linkage stoppers is way...
  12. F

    Variable CG Pitch Control (reversable plane)

    Hello im new to the forum, I was just listening to the podcast and they mentioned one of the challanges I posted on the facebook. Not sure the best place to post this. The challage is to build a plane that can transition from foward to reverse flight. I do not have the resources to build...
  13. S

    RC Reading with arduino and pinchangeint libarary problem

    I am working on a project where I use an arduino uno in the loop with a rc receiver feeding information into it, then the uno is sending information into an APM 2.5 autopilot to control a drone. The first approach i was using involved code that used pulseIn to read the pwm from the receiver...
  14. I

    Naza-M as a 2-axis gimbal control?

    Hi guys! First of all, sorry for my english, i'm really trying to learn it. So, i whant to build a 2-axis gimbal for GoPro3 on servos. Naza M will be a control for it. Gimbal kind'a like that:http://www.rcdude.com/servlet/the-2514/QUADframe-GoPro-2-dsh-Axis-Gimbal/Detail But, my buddy said that...
  15. B

    Need Help With a Multirotor (Yaw issue, will not stop spinning)

    Hi, thanks for viewing this post, hope you can help me! (first time ever making a post in a forum!) I am new to rc flying, cant fly a plane or a heli yet decided my first build was going to be a tricopter after I found this web site and from here, davids rcexplorer.se. So now i have finished...