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Have Electronics, Need Suggestions

Flying for about 6 months now, have a few store bought or ARF new to me planes that are airworthy or in the process of being built or repaired but I have not attempted a foam board build yet. I have a spare 880KV 14 Pole Brushless Motor and a 30a ESC sitting around and want to attempt something either in from plans or scratchbuilt.

Recommended propeller: 11 * 8.5 / 10 * 7 / 12 * 6
Weight: 67g

What could I build that would take this beefy motor and at least a 3s lipo? Im looking at least 10 ounces (~285g) of electronics. Am i getting too big for something that could do small field/park flying?
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The Hangar

Fly harder!
I don’t know much about the technical aspects and weight limits etc. but from what you said about it, I would recommend choosing your favorite FT plane design, such as the P-40 and enlarge the plans by 150% or something like that, and then you would have a super cool and good flying airplane. That’s just my thought... Have fun!
I've slowly been redoing my FT Storch with a similar sized motor. Going to turn into a STOL plane with flaps and be capable of running on 4S. It should still be fine on 3S.

What @The Hangar said about enlarging the plans of an FT plane is a good idea too. For a motor like that, I would definitely go for something on the bigger side. FT Storch, Legacy (as a single motor), etc.