Haven’t flown in 2 years 😔


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I have been busy with life. Got married, had a couple of kids. I used to fly pretty much every day.

My kiddo is now 17 months, and he LOVES airplanes. We are in the flight path for Ellington Field as well as Hobby airport in Houston, so they are always overhead.

So I decided to get back into the swing of things so he can watch airplanes fly close up. None of my planes are flight ready, and pretty much all of my Lipo’s have died ( my fault, didn’t store them properly)

So I ordered some new batteries, and dig out some old plane I started to build forever ago. She is ugly as sin, and super basic, but it’ll make the kid happy.

I’ll probably order a couple more speed build kits here soon.

Here is Big Fugly in all her ( not complete ) glory!!


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Welcome back. I don’t care how good you were, after 2 years, you will be rusty. Start off with low rates & half throttle for a battery or two. I’m always rusty after a few months of winter.


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I was out for 10 years and then 5 more again due to hundreds of issues. Get back to it and it will all come back. Hope the little one enjoys. I started at 8 years old with RC, I am 49 and I’m an aircraft mechanic and instructor for FlightSafety. I made a career out of a passion for airplanes. Who knows what you will instill with a few trips out to a flying field.



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Well, she crashed immediately!! 😂😂

She was a tad tailheavy, and I didn’t have enough aileron input for the motor. Couldn’t overcome torque rolls.

I have a viggen speed build kit, a heavily modified apprentice, a carbon z cub, a freewing f-22, and a Frankenstein plane. Of course none are currently airworthy. I’ve got some work to do!


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I think the cub is probably your best bet to regain your skills quickly. Also, that's one important thing about trainers I don't hear many people saying: you need a large moment of inertia on the wing or else you're going to be holding full aileron back and forth almost the whole flight, however short it may be. Big planes fly better, wide planes fly best.


If you have some basic skills get a speed build kit maybey more advanced than a tiny trainer like a cub.


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Simple Cub is a lot of fun! Just make sure you set up expo - my dad and I found it to be REALLY touchy without it. :)