Hello every1


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Hello every1,
I just got back into the hobby about 2 months back. I wonder what would be the ideal wingspan length for a foam board scratch build?
All my 24” torque roll to the ground upon hand launch 😂
My 16”… worst it spin like a top then kiss the ground 😂😂😂
My 30” survive but I don’t feel connected to the plane.
However the one I bought, 39”, is excellent.
I wonder if it’s the wingspan or because of the wings airfoils that make the difference?


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Welcome to the forums.
Most of my planes are about 40 inches. I do have a few 20" planes, the all fly well. I'm guessing yours are over powered.


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Any model can be configured correctly and it will fly . And it does not depend on the span of the model or the profile of the wing. For the right advice, it is desirable to have a video for each model and there are many strong specialists on this site who will tell you why your models fly incorrectly. In the meantime, only we are reading your shaking of the air!!