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hello from Auburn Washington

I'm an old fart just getting back into rc planes after a 10 year hiatus. Kids are all grown and i have lots of free time. Very interested in scratch built foamies, electric gliders and multi-roters. looking for clubs, flying fields and like minded flying buddies.


Junior Member
I am in Auburn (Lakeland Hills) as well. I am brand new to RC flying, but have a rather extensive aviation background. It was a matter of time before I tried it.
Photohap, I'm not familiar with the pow wow field, where exactly is that located? Sumner meadows, you're talking about the recently closed golf course right?


Junior Member
sorry for the super late reply. Pow wow field is up in the muckleshoot reservation area, and the golf course is Sumner Meadows correct.
Can anyone tell me how to go about using the pow wow grounds at the Muckleshoot Nation? I've called on numerous occasions to get permission and they transfer me from one person to another and then another until i finally either hang up or i'm disconnect. I've tried emailing several times too and no one ever responds. Its a beautiful place and huge! I don't want to just show up and start flying, that's a good way to get a lifetime ban and possibly getting others banned too! I know people are flying out there and id like some suggestions or maybe names of tribal members to contact.
Thanks for any help!