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Hello from California: and a request for some help

Hi everyone,
I've been watching Flitetest vids and reading build logs and forums for about two years. THis is my first post. I'm interested in aerial photography - I'm a filmmaker. I've always been a tinkerer and a maker and I've successfully built one 330 sized quadcopter which flies quite well and am starting on a 280mm fpv frame. I'm a fair flier, I have a blade nano qx as well and my 8-year old son is learning. I'm not so interested in aerobatics or racing per se (my son is though) - mostly, I need to work toward the most stable flight for cinema (obviously).

I have two questions I'd love some help on:

1. Anybody have suggestions on a good battery lead replacement for the blade inductrix? I bought it for my son to fly indoors during the winter (and maybe to get him into fpv and hacking/moding) and after about a week one of the pins in the battery lead broke off inside the battery plug. Don't ask me how, it hardly crashed. I've been thinking of upgrading the motors and battery anyhow.

2. I have a LHI280 cf frame (http://tinyurl.com/jxr8r6k) and some Turnigy 1100 kv motors that I've used with 6" props on my 330 dji knock-off frame. But the 280 frame won't fit those props. If I go down to 5" props will I have enough thrust? Or do I have to go to a faster motor?

Thanks for any help you can offer.