1. B

    Inductrix Pro Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm having a very annoying issue with my new Inductrix pro FPV which has been racking my brains for a couple of days now. I have bound my Taranis (with Orange Rx Module) to the quad but when i go into the Receiver tab in Betaflight the Roll slider is stuck at the one end. I...
  2. S

    Blade Inductrix Pro Bound but Unresponsive

    Gear: Blade Inductrix Pro - Engineered with Betaflight - (NOT SAFED!!!) Spektrum DX6e Issue: Transmitter binds to Inductrix and arming switch (switch A) seems to respond, but no stick inputs affect behavior. Even in Betaflight, the motors do not correspond to the motor control panel in the...
  3. JimCR120

    Blade Torrent 110

    I just came across this in my inbox: The Blade Torrent 110 It looks like it has what I want most in a mulitrotor and lacks what many of us didn't like in the micro quad category. At $200 for the BNF FPV it looks more of a good deal than the Inductrix 200 with more options for batteries. For...
  4. O

    Can I have my cake and eat it?

    Dear All, after a few years of a break I'm restarting the hobby, because my 5-year-old son wants to learn to fly a plane. We will be building a Tiny Trainer and an Old Fogey so we need to buy a transmitter or two. I have some old BNF "toys" (Vapor and Blade 120SR) that I would like to control...
  5. tmack

    Converted my Blade 200qx to FPV

    I will test it tomorrow. It was too dark tonight. We are not planing for distance so it will be interesting to see the range. We have enough basketball hoops, volleyball posts and backstops to fly around at the school yard there is no need to fly far.
  6. J

    Hello from California: and a request for some help

    Hi everyone, I've been watching Flitetest vids and reading build logs and forums for about two years. THis is my first post. I'm interested in aerial photography - I'm a filmmaker. I've always been a tinkerer and a maker and I've successfully built one 330 sized quadcopter which flies quite well...
  7. A

    Blade nano qx2 fpv crash crash
  8. JimCR120

    Blade Inductrix

    So there I was in the not-so-local hobby shop on the way back from dropping my wife off at the airport (surefire formula for an RC purchase:cool:) and there on the counter were stacks of these little guys just received a few days ago. Having purchased a couple of Pico QX's for my son and my...
  9. C

    RTF Blade 350QX3 w/ Fatshark FPV $450 Shipped

    9/16 PRICE REDUCED! Blade 350QX3 w/ Fatshark FPV $350 Shipped This is a like new RTF Blade 350QX3 with the Fatshark Teleporter V3 system. THIS COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO FLY FPV OUT OF THE BOX $350 SHIPPED PayPal This does NOT come with the GoPro, but I can throw in the GoPro Hero 3+...
  10. C

    Blade QX 180 FPV conversion

    So I want to try FPV! I was thinking about building a 250 fpv quad, but i wanted to try it first to see how it all works before investing my time and money. I have blade qx 180 and I have looked at some stuff online but am still kinda lost. i keep finding them for sale. So here is what i have...
  11. Z

    Building an electro hub with 350qx electronics.

    Hello, I'm getting tired of having to take my Blade 350qx3 completely apart to replace any one part. I've looked for aftermarket frames and the only thing I've found is $125. I don't know enough about flight controllers to know if the one in my 350 will support different sizes of frames...
  12. W

    Great Show Ideas

    Hey Flite Test Crew, I am a new RC hobbyist and fan of your videos. I have some ideas for videos I would like to see. This Christmas, I am asking for a quad and am looking at the Blade 180 QX RTF. When looking for an RC product, I always look to Flite Test, but you haven't reviewd the copter...
  13. S

    Blade 300X Upgrades.

    What do you recommend for lights on the Blade 300x? I recently got the 300x and i really like putting lights onto things. I looked on Google and found nothing that looked interesting. Where should I put the lights on the heli?
  14. J

    Little video I put together with my quadcopter

    This is my first video ever with my GoPro and the first video I have made so far using my 350QX.Filmed it about a week ago. Took a week to edit and put together. I used my GoPro 3+ Black and my Blade 350QX. I didnt use a stabilized gimbal, just the stock mount. I had a lot of fun making this and...
  15. J

    New to RC & Flying, decided on Blade MQX, here's some tips and tricks...

    Beginners experience, RC Quadcopter, Blade MQX Crash & Repair