Hello from CO! So I went to craigslist, and... (Intro/Looking for flying spots/first build advice seeking)


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Hello from Colorado! I used to fly RC with my dad, but I was a child at the time, and got rid of everything before college. Most of my knowledge and ability from back then has completely dissapeared, but I have been wanting to get back into the hobby for a long time, have watched flite test since the early days, and it finally happened. I went to ebay, craigslist, and... I have way too much RC junk now. So much, I have sold a chunk of it already! (I bought a massive lot from someone locally, and it was worth it for the value. I'm currently only at a minimal net financial outlay for a Sensei, Tactic 850/dx6i radios, and a TON of other parts and planes)

Buuuut I don't really know how to fly! I went to a local club and got some buddy box time with the sensei, which went great but I need to find somewhere closer to fly. I'm in the east Denver/Aurora area between 470 and 225. Local parks are a no go here because of drone fears.. does anyone here happen to be from the area, and know of a good spot to fly small parkflyers (Starting with the sport cub S)? And/or know of a favorite larger size RC club nearby? If you are local meeting up to fly would be fun if you are willing to put up with a relative newbie!

I also really really want to get into scratchbuilding. I have two UMX parts setups that I would like to convert into trainers, but I don't know where to start. Is this feasible with foamboard for a first build? Should I do something full size and come back to it? Suggestions welcome. Back to the UMX bricks, neither appear to have AS3X in my testing! My main desire is to build a plane I can fly slowly in my tiny backyard, but able to handle slightly more wind than my night vapor. (The only plane I am actually comfortable flying at the moment, because I was able to practice in the yard) 1. UMX guts from a vapor- 2 linear servos on a brick, with the vapor motor and gearbox. 2. UMX guts from a micro warbird of some sort - 24R6CLG-B V03, 2 linear servos on the brick, 2 aileron servos, and a much larger and more powerful motor/gearbox setup. From lookint at RC groups, with some fenangling and a small ESC, it looks like this could run a 2s brushless motor!



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In my experience, UMX bricks can be used with foam board planes, but they are really a bit heavy for the UMX gear unless you can "overclock it" to run a 2s.

However, those electronics are PERFECT for kits like the indoor line from https://www.stevensaero.com/product...od/model-airplane-kits/rc-ultra-micro-indoor/

I've built several of these and they are excellent first balsa kits - and great flying planes too! In particular I love the Pacemaker for both indoors and calm weather outdoor flying. I'd also recommend his Playmite kit as being well suited to the small field flying conditions.


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You might be able to build a discovery with those electronics if you build it light (remove the paper on the inside of the fuse and don’t reinforce the wing). You might be able to get away with the smaller system as it is a three channel plane . If you do decide to do this let me know because I have never tried to power it with ultra micro electronics.


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Rockyboy: The Stevens Aero kits look GREAT! I will have to pick up a kit once I am slightly more comfortable, as balsa has always intrigued me. However, I may wait a little while before spending that much more money! (Not that they are particularly expensive kits)

foamtest: I do have a pile of dollar tree foam... I'll attempt to give the discovery a try! I need to pick up tiny music wire, and then I have everything I need to build with UMX gear. Maybe I'll make a close to "stock" discovery fist- I have some more standard harware, including an unlabeled but close enough looking motor, all I would need would be a prop. A pusher setup makes a lot of sense, and I really should have one in the fleet...