Hello from Niagara


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Hi there.
Love the DIY designs and looking forward to building a large Pfalz E1. Need to figure out motor size etc. Winter project. Looking forward to seeing new ideas from talented ppl.


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Welcome to the forums! :D

Lots of folks around here with great experience and ideas to help out with a custom design project like that. Just start up a build thread and start asking away!

(And it wouldn't hurt to put a link to your build thread in this "hello from niagra" thread to make sure people find their way from one to the other...)

Personally, I love the look of the Pfalz E1, and how much it influenced the look of the classic Ugly Stick design. I was just thinking about starting up a balsa ugly stick inspired build for this winter too (Lucky Ace kit from Mountain Models), and now I want try to do a little kit-bashing and turn it into a semi-scale Pfalz.... :unsure: