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Hello FT community!


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Well hello!

I've been watching FT videos for a while now and finally decided to get my feet wet. My first build was a mini mustang, but I soon realized it was too heavy to fly...it was made out of elmers foam board. After 6 months of waiting, the local dollar tree finally stocked white foam board. I think I got all the flat ones! :) Here's my mini Sportster. Maiden flight in a few hours…nervous!


I'm looking to step into the DTFB design club, so I'm just in need of a quick tip. What is the actual thickness of DTFB? The nominal thickness is around 0.1875" or 3/16 “, but when I convert FT's plans to dxf's, the slots seem to be around 0.169" thick to allow for tight fitting. I am need of advice regarding this topic before I'm able to continue designing on Autodesk Inventor.

I'm glad to be a part of the FT community and hope make some significant contributions. Cheers!


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Hello and thank you for posting photos of your build.

I have been working the FFF from Lowe's and can't give you a measurement on the DTFB. I'm sure some others will chime in and post the thickness soon. Meanwhile would you be so kind as to tell us a bit about yourself? Where in the world will you be flying? What kind of experience do you have in the hobby?

Welcome to the forum.


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Thanks Jim for the reply. I am in San Diego. I am currently in college majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Airplanes have been my passion since my childhood and I always dreamed of being able to build and fly planes. Just as I was entering high school, FT began, but for the four years I was in high school, in all my youtube contouring, I didn't know FT existed. :( Nevertheless, I did spend the time beefing up on fundamental theoretical knowledge about aerospace engineering and physics in general.

I've been watching FT videos for probably a year now, and in that time, thanks to the FT team, designers like Josh Bixler, Peter, David, Andres, NerdNic and Ed from Experimental Airlines, and the folks on the forum, I've gone from knowing nothing about RC flight to taking the first steps in designing my own FT style warbird. Josh's style and finesse in building and flying planes TRULY inspired me and that's a major reason why my dream is coming true. If I ever do get to meet him, I would thank him personally for all he has given to the RC community....especially the mini cruiser. :)

I've been inspired BEYOND WORDS by the videos and knowledge the aforementioned people shared freely and I hope to impact the FT community in a positive way.
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Welcome to Flite Test mate.

The guys you listed have inspired us all over the years. It is a privilege in my eyes to be part of all this the way it has grown and developed into the best community ever on the interwebs.

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Welcome to the forums Miniac! Excellent work on the Sportster, and I hope you have an awesome maiden flight. Also, glad to hear from another Aero engineering student! I guarantee you'll find this hobby incredibly fun and addicting. I started out Freshman year with 1 small airplane, and now (1 year after graduation) I have a small fleet of planes and Helis. Designing your own is also a fantastic and extremely rearsing challenge. Definitely keep us posted when you get started on your Warbird, I'm looking forward to seeing it!


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REPLY FROM NERDNIC! I'm honored! BTW, I'm looking to build your A-10 if I get the time. You're truly an inspiration. Thanks!