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Hello, I am new to drones


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I am getting back into flying RC again, around 14 years ago I was an avid flyer in planes and Helicopters, had some bad experiences and stopped flying. At the time I had a great radio and new lots about planes and heli’s. Now I see drones and FPV are the new slice, and well I bought all new stuff, I have a Jumper T16 Pro, with Crossfire. Have the FatShark HDO with Fusion, and 2 micro drones a TinyHawk-S and a BetaFPV 85x. I am having issues with understanding BetaFlight and learning how to flash and re-program my quad and basically getting all the knowledge to really fine tune my quad. I am also trying to learn my jumper radio and all I can do with it as well. Anyone nice and pleasant is welcome to try and get me going on the right track, I am happy to skype and relax and chill most nights and just have fun learning and getting to know anyone willing to teach me what I need to know. If you have the time please message me and we can exchange contact info.