Graupner/HoTT RTF drones?


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HI all, I am looking for some RTF drones that are compatible with my Graupner MZ-18 HoTT radio. I was browsing sites like HobbyKing, TowerHobbies and others and noticed they offer a lot of RTF drones compatible with Spektrum radios, but nothing for HoTT. I recently busted a "Costco Special" drone and have found that there are no spare parts for them to be had, and I was hoping that getting a RTF drone from a more hobby oriented dealer would mean spare parts would be easier to come by.

I am not opposed to getting a kit drone to put together, but I am not interested in sourcing parts or checking compatibility (I have little enough time as it is). At worst I would like a kit that only needs the appropriate RX to be installed (I have a spare one of those lying around I think).

This is my third time returning to the hobby after long hiatuses, hence my abysmal lack of knowledge on how this all works now. Any help/pointers/useful websites is appreciated.


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I think the Graupner Typhoon H, X-8, Firebird XL, or Horus X7 are compatible with your Graupner MZ-18 HoTT radio. If you are not opposed to getting a kit drone, you can get an Armattan Tadpole 3, or BetaFPV Cetus Pro, and simply install a receiver.