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Hello there people of the Flite Test forums. I am Red_Ricky, but you may call me Red, Ricky, Rik, RR, Purple Banana, but certainly not Rick. I hate being called Rick. Now names aside I am a IT Student that lives somewhere on the flattest piece of European land called the Netherlands. I have personally always enjoyed the RC hobby since I was a little kid together with my dad. We always would go out and about to do interesting stuff, but his job started taking up much of his time resulting in our wonderful RC machines gathering dust in the shed.

I personally wanted to pick the hobby back up and was like: "Why not build a quad-copter?" So I turned here. I would love to get some tips, tricks and general help with my project. Like: "What motors should I pick? Which ESCs? What batteries should I run? What flightcontroller should I consider?" And I think I can go on and on like that.

So this is me. I hope I can have a great time here and learn a lot.


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Nice to meet you, Purple Banana ;) Welcome!

What type of quadcopter platform are you looking for? Aerial photography (large)? Racing or acrobatic (mini quad)? Indoor flyer (micro quad)? Are you interested in FPV?

Are you looking to build from scratch? Buy a ready-to-fly or bind-and-fly? Do you have any current equipment, radios, etc?


Flying Purple Banana
Well to answer French's question. I am I want a Large/Medium sized quad. I am interested in FPV though I won't start of with it immediately. I thought of getting a quad that would easily allow me to upgrade to FPV flying later. I found a frame that interested me https://www.aliexpress.com/item/LHM...1963748092.html?spm=2114.48010208.4.36.leKJmy Yes I know hurrdurr AliExpress but that was just to show as example.

And I do still have equipment it's old and dated(most likely dead) so it's safe to say I really need new stuff.

Oh and as flight controller I was thinking of getting something like the DJI Naza M Lite.
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Hi Red. Welcome to the forum. Another thing to consider is buying a quad that is already built or building one yourself. There are excellent choices either way.


Flying Purple Banana
I have considered getting a pre build one, but I find it a little bit boring to do so. That's why I rather build one and learn from that as well. Another reason being is that if I build one and crash it I know how to fix it since I build it.