Hello. Im new here.


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Good day. As the title states I am new to rc planes. Not so much rc trucks or quads. I have decided to build a mustang mini with my 5 year old daughter. It is coming along awesome for our first time. Not to mention we are scratch building it. So anyone who says flite test plans arent designed for use without laser cutting is crazy. We have a perfect example of what can be done. It may not be flying yet, and it may not, but it looks friggin awesome. I really want to make an rc spy plane based off of the original RC-12 used by guardrail and signet in Korea. My wife was an analyst for the army and they used RC-12's , not the RC-12x, she was never allowed to fly in them though. I would love to be able to put her behind the stick of her own with fpv if any one has or has seen plans for one. I plan on building many more planes with my boys as well. Thanks for having me.


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Welcome to the forums!! I'm not new here, but I still get excited every time I log in and get to see new (virtual) faces joining the community :)

And good on you for the father/daughter building project! That might not be the easiest model to start flying on, but it's awesome that you've built it together, and with some help from folks here in the forums (and someone local if you can find an RC buddy to help maiden the plane) I'm sure we'll get you in the air.

Is the RC-12 you're referring to this flying hedgehog with all the antennas sprouting from it? :p


I haven't seen a specific plan for a C-12 or RC-12 that I remember, but I'm sure we can help you find plans for something close and help you do the design modifications to get one your wife would be proud to fly :)


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Welcome to Flite Test mate. Good to see more and more families getting into building and flying things.

If you can not find plans for that specific plane I think the profile looks close enough you could probably mod a Piper Comanche as I am sure there are a bajillion pans for those around.