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Hi I'm a guy named Robin and I'm a lifelong 'Airplaneaholic'! I'm an A&P Mechanic working in the drone industry and I'm retired from the Air Force where I was a crew chief (mechanic) on C-5's and C-141's. I've been following Flite Test for years on YouTube with great admiration of the things they do. I'd consider myself an intermediate builder/flyer and have been in the hobby off and on for over 50 years! I love the affordability and simplicity of the FT models and find myself longing for a simpler way to stay in the hobby. In these days of $300 - $600 ARF's, it's much easier to sell my wife on a $35 airframe! I started a FT build years ago but after building a slight warp into the wing (of a flying wing) I abandoned the project. I also built (and nearly completed) a FT Viggen but it was destroyed during a move. I did a couple of Color Schemes for the FT Simple Cub and Simple Stick for RealFlight (available for download on the RealFlight swap pages) and just received a FT Simple Cub speed build kit to start playing with (hopefully the power packs will be back in stock soon). I'm kind of torn between these two schemes but I'm leaning more towards the Navy NE-1 - maybe I'll just order a second kit and some servos so I can do both!


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