Hello people

i have always had a interest in the hobby. when i was about 16 i join the local aeroplane club. and bought myself a control line plane nitro engine. first flight i crash it, and lost interest then i moved on to live steam 3.1/4" & 5" gauge
but that was too expensive. then i got into nitro RC 1/8 scale buggies. lost interest in that. then i got really involved with computers and electronics & Cars you drive money pit.
lost interest in that. now i have a fascination with aircraft now & RC aircraft & plotters.
at the moment i'm trying to get employment. yourself ?


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That's cool your getting back into RC aircraft, especially after all this time out of it. Good on ya sticking with the mechanical and electronic hobbies though. Again like I said welcome to these forums, it's a great place to get the help you need to fill in the gaps of confusion.

Myself I got into the hobby last spring, walked into a hobby shop for some model rockets for the two boys, pick up on some outdoor bonding time. I ended up walking out with a trainer plane and transmitter as well. I figured the boys would follow me into exploring this hobby but they really didn't take to it, or maybe not just yet. I am goal oriented so when I started flying I got hooked. Had many success's and more failures but I stuck with it, mostly because of being on here. So if I can help other novices through the learning curve much easier then I experienced then I feel like I am paying it forward, if that makes sense.

As of now I am on the verge of putting out plans to a plane I designed for the community to play with. I have some beta builders lined up to test it out on a open public sense just to get a non biased aspect to it. Come to think of it, it could be a good long distance trainer plane if that's what you would be into. I know a couple guys on here that have used similar airframes that would climb to a few thousand feet and stay up for over a half hour with away from home distances of over 5 miles. Something to think about.

What kind of plane are you planning on putting that power plant into?