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Welcome! I don't know what you are planning on building. Personally I suggest the Tiny Trainer.


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Yes, I was planning to build the tiny trainer but I can't find the correct foamboard (paper laminates on both sides) near me.

Shipping from flitetest store costs about three quarters the total bill.


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Welcome buddy. Where in India? Also try looking for comericals boards in malls here in Israel they will give those to you for free.
And I also recommend the Tiny Trainer.


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You can make the FT designs out of Depron insulation foam with silver backing on one side, stick the plans to the other side with spray adhesive. Make the silver side the outside facing, cover with packing tape for variety.
Many people have also used corrugated card, do some searches and there may be other people who have found alternatives in India. We also have expensive FT board and no local equivalent in the UK.