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HELP!!! 1st drone build... H-Quad design... Naze32 Flight Controller?

I'm building my first drone and I decided to go with the "H-quad" design that Josh built several years ago. The drone I'm building only has ONE purpose: to carry a heavy payload (5 lbs minimum) and drop it using a mechanical servo. I've been flying fixed wing aircraft for years and I want to use my FrSky Receiver and Taranis QX7 transmitter to fly this drone along with some big brushless motors and speed controllers, and bomb drops, that I already have on hand from my airplanes. The "Naze32" flight controller was most commonly used for these types of (PWM) based drones several years ago however I was told on YouTube that CleanFlight and BetaFlight no longer offer programming support for the "Naze32" flight controllers. Is this true? If so, is there a current flight controller on the market that is similar to the older "Naze32" board that can still handle (PWM) inputs for servo functionality? The only purpose for the drone I'm building is to carry heavy bait out to sea from the beach when surf-fishing thus replacing the need for a kayak. I want to fly the drone 400-600 yards off the beach and be able to hit a switch and have a mechanical servo drop the bait down to the water and I DON'T want to have to use 2 separate transmitters and receivers in order to achieve this... I would like to find a flight controller that can handle the entire operation. Do you know of any?


Eternal Student
So when Cleanflite and Betaflight upgrade to newer versions of their software a person is still able download their older versions from their website as well?
Yes. You'll have to figure out the latest version that supports F1 boards, and find the configurator version that works with it. Over the years, some conflicts were introduced between old firmware and new configurators.