HELP...... A10


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Not sure I’m in the right area but I’ll give it a shot Need help with fixed gear can’t find the linked vid for fixed gear on the A 10 build or where to start can anyone help?


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Not sure if this helps but here is the link to the plans.
Click the download button in the upper right corner of the page.

I did not see landing gear anywhere on the plans. Unless someone else can help, you may need to make your own. I'd recommend starting with a soft wire, like a clothes hanger, and make yourself a template. Something that looks about right. When you have your templates made, then make your landing gear with a suitable music wire. You only get to bend it once, if you bend it a second time you will break it.


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i cant recall seeing any FT A 10 video where they had gear on. I do know there is a flat aluminum plate landing gear set on the store but I am not sure what size plane they were designed for.