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Help building a Hexacopter


Junior Member
Hi everyone!

I'm new to building multirotors, and I am afraid of making a mistake and wasting my money.

That is why I came here in search for help, you see, I'd like to build a hexacopter with the following features:

- Medium size frame
- 10 to 13 inch propellers (preferably T-mount 10x5.5 carbon props)
- motors have to work in both classic and Y6 configuration.
- Capable of lifting a small camera with a gimbal
- about 18-20 minutes of flight time

I was thinking about buying the FliteTest hexacopter pack, but I live in Europe, and the price is a bit too high on shipping and taxes.

I was also browsing Banggood for alternatives and found this brushless motor: http://www.banggood.com/EMAX-MT2216...eller-For-RC-Modes-p-925679.html?rmmds=search

But whenever I use ECalc.ch, I always get errors. In fact, that has been quite a trend for me, every time I try out any configuration on ECalc, it tells me it would never fly...

Thanks in advance.