1. Mr NCT

    Part Building Square 2024-02-03

    A simple building square with 2 wide faces so you don't dent the foam board. I've included the Fusion 360 file. It's parametric so to change size just change user parameter "L" to the size you want. The stl file is for a 4" square. "The table is your friend!"
  2. Spanky_Gazpacho

    Fiberglass Firewall

    Trying my hand at building a big slow foam board plane. 5ft wingspan and about 3ft long w/ a weird hybrid split v tail section that I made up. I've got the majority of the air frame built and I'm waiting on the motor and ESC to show up. I got to the part of construction where I needed to worry...
  3. MarioGdV

    Which one is the best way to build a fuselage? Posterboard or Foamboad?

    Hello there! Today I bought a secondhand plane (a Baby Blender with longer wings) because of the price and the electronics. I'm thinking in designing my own RC Plane. It's also a biplane (Polikarpov I-15) and it will have aproximately the same size, so I guess it the motor will handle the...
  4. C

    Bushwacker Build Questions

    I am building the FT Bushwacker as my first plane. I noticed that power packs C and B were gone from the store (not just out of stock, they aren't there anymore) and I am looking to round up the parts from other websites and possibly save some money, but still get roughly the equivalent to the...
  5. W


    I am wanting to build a KC-135 tanker. But do not know really how to start. I would like to be able to have the boom come done in flight. When down have smoke come out instead of fuel like the real aircraft I was a crew chief on.
  6. Z

    Help building a Hexacopter

    Hi everyone! I'm new to building multirotors, and I am afraid of making a mistake and wasting my money. That is why I came here in search for help, you see, I'd like to build a hexacopter with the following features: - Medium size frame - 10 to 13 inch propellers (preferably T-mount 10x5.5...
  7. H

    Building my first Tricopter - Advice and tips appreciated! Current list of items

    Hello! I am looking forward building my first tricopter that i can be proud of! Any advice and tips are welcome! I am pretty new to this kind of stuff but I'm willing to learn and hopefully make quality work! Still looking around and trying to find right parts for my build, so I'm turning here...
  8. H

    Hello, im HSnowman

    Short for HeadlessSnowman, anyway im here because it was recommended by 3 different people in 2 different places. So you much be doing something right ;) . As I am new Im not really sure what the correct media medium is here so please dont kill me for using imgur if its consitered taboo. This is...
  9. themajik1

    Build Nite #2!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alright Guys and Gals its that time again we are planning the second build night. I would like some input on what planes the community would like to see built. This is a community driven build so please let us know what you want to see. Once we get a top three we will put a poll on the Facebook...
  10. D

    First Fixed Wing and First Build: Wait for power pack or build

    I have my FT Tony Trainer and have watched the build video a dozen times. I have to wait to order my Power Pack A. Should I wait to build (I don't have servos) or should I go ahead and build and install servos later?
  11. S

    Need feedback on FPV Quadcopter setup.

    Hey I am building my first Fpv Quadcopter en I was wondering if this parts will work together and/or if I am better of with other parts? Would love it if anybody would help me out :)
  12. JimHSoars

    Balsa Building Series Suggestion

    Hi guys, How about a show including applying balsa sheeting. I always shy away from building balsa wings that require balsa sheeting to make the very strong 'D' tube or other things like fuselages. Please put in a bit on how to glue balsa sheet on to both the top and bottom of a wing. I...
  13. T

    small question

    Hi everyone, I want to build another f-22 raptor since my other one isn't flyable anymore. I want to build the one from the rcgroup forum(, but I don't like the fact that it doesn't have a rudder. I like to have a rudder for when I...
  14. L

    Balsa Build Series

    Hello all, big fan of the show and all your content. However, I have a suggestion for show content that I'd like you to consider. I completely understand the focus on foam board and BBQ skewer construction methods as it allows new hobbyist to get into the air cheaply and quickly, however for...
  15. jlmartin

    I need help and have a question about multi-roters

    okay mind you i am originally a prop paper-craft maker so please bare with me when I ask this question cause I am totally new to flight all the way around. My question is this If I was to build a multi copter and used fiberglass reinforced paper as the body would it still have good...
  16. D

    [HELP] First QuadCopter

    Hi Guys Since 2days ago i decided to build a QuadCopter so i made a list of parts that i should buy to make it, can you guys check it if its ok or I forget something?...Can i make a quadcopter with this parts? does it all work togheter? Tips are welcome! Here is my list: Frame: Turnigy...
  17. G

    FT Racer Build 11-16-13

    Started my second build of the flite test swappables and wanted to shares some photos of the build. I'll post some shots of how I painted it very shortly.
  18. F

    Drafting/Designing scratch builds?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what you do for drafting/designing your scratch builds? I have some ideas I would like to build, but I would like to draft them out first and not go through a hundred pieces of paper doing that. -Maxwell