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HELP! I need a Motor that is reliable!

Hey Guys, Ive got a Batbone, with a 2700Mah 3S and a Gpro on board.

Im running a KK2 Board, with 24gram hextronik 1500kv motors with 10Amp Multistar ESC's. Im using and need to use 8x4 SF props.

Currently My motors dont burn out but get WAAAY too hot. so hot they burn me if I touch them.

I have tried the Park300's that Chad uses but the Shafts Break like crazy if you crash. So i need a motor that is like the Park 300's but don't get hot like the 24g hextroniks. The park 300's worked great other than the shafts breaking.

Any ideas guys?!? I dont want to buy new ESC's so under 10Amp draw on the motor would be preferable.

Thanks Guys!

Dale Flyit-RC


Junior Member
Grembo, the Turnigy 2822 1450's are nice and reliable, as well as the dst 1200 motors. I have the dst 1200's on my tri and it runs great and is quite reliable. the mounting holes are a bit unconventional but other than that it's a very reliable and durable motor. i did the research on the 2822's as well as the Turnigy 2830 1000 or 1100 and all the reviews say both are quite reliable and durable. I've ordered the 2822's myself and will be puting them on a new tri build based on the reviews on HK. I hope this helps!


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I'm now stuck on the lower kv hextroniks, the DT700s and 750s.

I realize they don't have the spin-up speed and the snappiness of the higher KVs, but they are real workhorses. They seem to lift everything I ..throw.. ..at.. ..them.. and not get very hot at all. I use 11x4.7s and they keep chugging away. But I'm using 20 or 30A ESCs.
I'm not an expert but you might want to look into getting new ESCs if you're trying to carry a lot of weight, like a gopro and larger battery. I've been using the NTM Prop Drive 28-26 motors and they are great. They can take a beating and keep on going and they have a lot of power and minimal vibrations. I think they have an 18amp max draw though so you would definitely need at least 20amp ESCs. Also, do you have your batbone set up as a tri or quad? A tri will definitely need bigger motors to left that weight efficiently.
Im just going off of what Flite test guys used. they did a Tricopter with the park300's and lifted a gopro no problem. i did find new little"workhorse" motors.

I did buy some 9x4 props for it to see if that will work. says 635g of thrust with 3s with 9x4 so on a tri that's over 1.8kg of thrust and my all up weight is about 950g so that's just under a 2:1 lift ratio.

What do you guys think? if works comes to worst I will buy another ESC and motor and some counter rotating props and use my anycopter hub that's just laying around to make a quad. with those motors. that should work fine for sure!

It says these motors only pull 9.5amps with a 10x6 prop so if works comes to worst. i'll go to a 10x4 in a H quad style.

would have 2.4kg of thrust and would problaby weight less than my batbone.


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Nine inch props are a bit small for 800kv. Meaning they have the torque to swing a larger prop. Using a smaller prop on lower kv motors is a bit like driving around in second gear on the freeway. . .it basically requires the motor to spin at unnecessary higher rpms to provide the required thrust. If you have not already seen it, watch this video by rcmodelreviews about kv.