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New member in need of help, as is the norm

Scratch build Vtail quad enlarged Hunter 500 frame from 433mm to 560mm from front motor to front motor

Hello there my name is Mark I have been in the RC hobby for many years flew mostly Fixed wing

Have tried 250,450 and 600 sized Helis crashed them all in no time at all

Recently I have been flying slower type quadcopters with good success and enjoying it,and have recently added FPV,
but I would still prefer something that knows which way forward is.

I was given a go of a Vtail quad by a fellow club member and Im sold.

Flies like a plane but much more agile,takes of like a quad so no need for a runway.
The silhouette in the sky shows exactly which way it is going, so Im building the above.
It is pretty close to completion apart from electronics.

Here,s the question

I would like to use the Omnibus f4 flight controller with 4X30A esc, loaded with betaflight as it has all the other functions I would want to play with.(OSD,GPS,BAROMETER etc)

Does this controller support Vtail modes using either betaflight or clearflight.

I dont want to use it in a Quad mode as I would like to use smaller motors on the rear and move the C of G nearer to the front props so that it yaws around the front blade plane rather than from the centre.

I have Googled and searched forums with no concrete answer, my club friend built his many years ago using a rather
outdated KK2 board and has no idea he just copied someone else,s build when he made his.

Thanks in advance Mark


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Hello Mark.

While waiting for someone who might be able to help I am curious about where in the world you fly and how did you get into the hobby.

Welcome to the forum.
Im from the UK originally but now live in Cyprus for the past 12 years, we have a small flying club near us near the Forces base area in Akrotiri.
Im a born potcher im afrraid and cant leave anything as is, and this hobby allowed me to do just that without ruining anything to valuable.
Im quite handy and have mostly scratch built most that I own, I usually only buy ARTF just to get a feel for how the machine
should be flying and how the control inputs affect it.

I did have a very short stint with RC buggies, but the risk of tossing all your hard work into the skies in the hope you can get
it back in one piece provides the excitement for me.

At 52 years of age racing quads and Hellies are a bit to quick for my brain.