Help me choose a one of these quads...


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The 250mm (smaller one) will be faster and has FPV gear installed. Do you have a goggles or a monitor to view FPV? Do you already have batteries? If so what size (cell and mah)?
The 450 does not have FPV equipment. You’ll have to add gear or fly it line of sight.

If you want to fly line of sight, the 450 will be slower (easier to control) and larger (easier to see)
If you want to fly FPV, the 250 will be more agile and fast. If you want to fly fast FPV, there are many newer 200-250 sized quads that are better quality for a similar price:
Furibee Darkmax BNF - $170
Bflight 210 BNF - $180
Furibee X215 Pro PNF - $150

It all boils down to what you want to do with the quad.
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I would go with French's suggestions to get one of the three he offered as replacements. The Spedix on has an F1 FC running clean flight and is for DSM compatible gear... I saw reviews of that Darkmax and that thing is great for a pre built.

Sorry cant do nothing about the vids title screen but it says it all.

Stu from UAVfutures reviewing a 100MPH quad.
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I'm still kinda new to quads so I really don't know what I want out of one. I fly line of sight and do not have goggles. I built and flew a versacopter briefly but am having issues with getting the flight controller set up so I am looking at bnf or rtf options. I really don't like the looks of the ones suggested. I guess I need to decide if I want to go fast or just cruise around.