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I too have been tempted by eBay packages but the truth is most of them are frauds or are just garbage look at the motors do you see a brand sticker no same with the escs, if you want a zmr then buy else ware i dont want you to lose that much money on that but a mid quality build is not going to be under 100-200 dollars especially if you want fpv look into.Here are some recommendations
i have the v2 but this one is great all you need is a receiver,pdb,and some sort of fc if you dont pick the one on the site you could trust emax(the company that makes the esc and motor)and the retailer is genuine.


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I think for the price you are getting a great beginner frame. Just be aware that you will be a little limited for advancement with this kit. They are 1806 motors so you you will be limited as to how much power you will be able to get out of them. The CC3d board is still a viable board and used by many. Don't forget for a beginner quad get extra props you will probably need them. Also run ensure you are running a 3s battery as the ESC's are limited to 3s. I say go for it though. If you wanted something a little better for advancement I can try and look one up and point you in the right direction. But with bigger comes increase in cost. Just so you know. Welcome to Quadcopters!


Thanks all for the advice! here are the specs on the motors and esc on a different kit:MT2204 2300kv Brushless Motor Specification:
- KV : 2300
- MAX Thrust : 440G
- No. of Cell : 2-3S
- Framework : 12N14P
- Propeller : 5"~6"
- Length : 32.2mm
- Weight : 28.5g
- Shaft : 3mm
- Diameter : 27.9mm

12A Simonk ESC Specifications:
- Constant Current: 12A
- Input Voltage: 1-3 cell Lipoly
- BEC: Yes (linear) [Remove middle wire to dissable]
- BEC Output: 5V/1A
- PWM: 8 KHz
- Max RPM: 240,000rpm for 2 Pole Brushless Motor
- Size: 35*20*7mm
- Weight: 10g

Here is the link:

I can see what airhawk is saying, about the cheapness of the item but as far as I can tell the esc's are simok flashed but I'm not sure about the motors. I have been flying flitetest planes for about a year now so I have a rx, tx and some soldering skills to work with.

Thanks again.


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Those do look better. A word of warning also. Ordering from China right now may take a long time as Chinese New Year is coming up. They usually take off for two weeks.

As a side note. Try this one. Emax motors and ESC's. Plus if you have prime it takes two days for free shipping.


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the one that top dawg suggested is good it has genuine emax motors and escs my only thing with it is if their lying about the full carbon at least most ebay sellers do that if you have a ohmmeter you could check if its real carbon or not


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The hardest part but just know if you get a low end quad and like it your going to want an upgrade soon but do you plan to get a fpv setup for your quad


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Is it just me but if you look closely the only differences between the Amazon quad and the $80 Ebay is the motors are not marked and the CC3D flight controller is encased in the cheaper Ebay quad.


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I just bought the Eachene 250 racer kit from banggood 129 USD and COMES with FPV VTX + 1000 TVL Cam + 3C batt + L E D lights

you tubers appear to say good things about it
I will do a review when it arrives

I originally planned on building a VersaCopter but NOW want an alien but "top shelf" electronics shipped to Canada COSTS as much as the Eathine

I figure by the time I am good enough to NOT stuff a $500 machine I will buy one
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