Help me configure my Devo 7e for Horizon Hobby Sport Cub S?


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Hi; I have a Devo 7e with Deviation 5.0 and no hardware mods, and just bought a used Horizon Hobbies Sport Cub S. I'm looking for help creating a model.ini that will allow me to switch between all 3 flight modes, and maybe even add the "ohno" button. I found a thread over at the Deviation forum, but it was for the Devo 10 and didn't translate to the limited switches of the 7e. (There was a suggestion for the 7e to use the ENT button as the "ohno" button; I'd be fine with that.)

I did ask the question over on the Deviation forum as well; haven't heard back from anybody yet, but it's only been a couple hours. :)

I do have a small amount of experience with basic Deviation programming (I've setup my Inductrix FPV with help from here, and also setup the tx for FPV FreeRider), but switching thru 3 flight modes with two 2-position switches and also adding dual rates kind of blows my little mind.
I'd love to learn, if somebody is willing to work with me!

I also have a new-to-me Taranis X9D+ and an XSR receiver; if that could somehow be made to work with the Sport Cub S I'd be willing to learn that as well.



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Good luck, no one on this forum knows anything about deviation. When I had my Jumper no one could help. It's all either taranis or spektrum here unfortunately.