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Help me pick my bext build. Impulse purchases

What should i build

  • Frc foamies a10 pusher

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So I impulse purchases a racerstar airb motor. Its an 80g 1498kv motor. I can run it on a maximum 8 inch prop on 4s and possibly go to 6 inch 6 s in the summer. Right now i am leaning towards the 4s 1600 which is a bit small for many of these builds but i can figure something out to keep the balance. Ill have up to 6 servos, all metal gear and ordering an esc to match the motor.

But what to build?

I want something exciting as ive built a ton of planes. I like fast but also maneuverable to have some fun.

This will be a slow build as I am pretty busy but once i finish my custom shrub smacker, it's going to be my only winter build.

What do you guys think?