Help needed finishing a tricopter

I got the things to build a tricopter for Christmas and I have run onto some problems when trying to finish the thing.
So it is 100% complete build wise but I cannot get it to fly for the life of me and I have absolutely no clue what is the problem with it.
Motors- turnigy 2730-1500
ESC - 30A hobbyparts Simon
Control board- HK kk2 with Stevis
Transmitter- flysky th9x

If anyone can help please do!


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Can't speak for everyone, but most people would like to try and help you, but without additional information like "what's it doing" and even filling in the missing bits from your specs above, we can't really help.

So, questions for you:

* What is it doing when you try to fly it? PS - Don't try to force it to fly if it looks like it won't. As Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result" -- or something along those lines.

* Have you checked that for the KK2, the esc/motors are plugged into the right ports, along with the servo?
* Have you checked the motor direction (they should all spin the same direction or the front two should be counter rotating)
* Have you checked the yaw servo direction? You'll have to test this with the props off, but arm, run up the motors (props off) and pickup the tricopter and yaw it back and forth manually. The tail / servo / motor should move to OPPOSE your yaw direction. If you yaw left, the motor should tilt to the left (sending thrust to the right) and vice versa.
* While you're at it, check that if you input left yaw (with the motors running), the motor tilts to the right, sending thrust to the left, and vice-versa.
* Finally, when you reinstall the props, are the installed with the number facing up? The scooped side facing down?
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It could be the way you have your kk2 board set up. There are a bunch of videos out there on how to set them up right. You might want to check out David Windestål set up video. It is specific to the tricopter he sells, but it is still a good video to check out. You may have to do some adjusting to fit your specific build.
The main problem is that on start up when I got to fly and I throttle up the front right motor doesn't lift with the rest of them.
And I have switched the front two motors and that doesn't seem to help and I have the ccw prop on the front right motor and cw on the rest and all the gyros are compensating in the right direction
All the motors and the servo are plugged in the right way and the leads from the reciever to the kk board are all in the right place
And all the props are on the right way.
Hope this helps.


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If you could post a video with sound and then some close up shots of the setup that would help in diagnosis.
I think that the problem is in my transmitter, in that I cannot set my sub-trim high/low enough to get the reciever test setting to set all the values to 0