Help Needed on Binding Walkera Devo 7 (not devo 7e) to RX1002


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As suggested in the title, I am experiencing problems on binding the transmitter to the receiver. I can't find any instructions on how to bind this particular combination of transmitter to the receiver. Therefore I would like to ask if anyone knows how to bind them together.


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No guarantees but I found this video on the basic DEVO binding process...

The menu items he talks about will be in a different place because there is no touch screen on the DEVO 7 but it should be similar in principle.

This one shows the Devo 7 binding menus for a different receiver but it should be similar...

and here's a written description of how to bind that a devo10 with a different receiver but again it should be similar

I assume you have a way to power the receiver, an ESC BEC or a 5v/6v battery with a "servo" style connector