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I'm in the middle of my first racing quad build and having problems with my transmitter communicating with the FC. really need some help!
Equipment: Emax ESC (Simon K), CC3d FC, Spektrum transmitter and receiver (AR7700). From the start I had issues getting the ESC's to go into program mode. I followed the directions for manual setup and each one gives me different tones, but can't get any of them in program mode. It's like they don't receive communication from the transmitter. I've tried adjusting my trim and sub trim but no luck. I have done the transmitter setup in Open Pilot so I know I'm communicating with the receiver and FC. I can set my min/max throttle through Open Pilot also but can't get the transmitter to run the motors. I can operate the motors through Open Pilot so I'm not sure why I can't operate from transmitter. Really need some help with some ideas of what's going on here.
I know CC3D/Open Pilot has gone through some personal issues so information is hard to find even on libre pilot. I'm at the point now that I'm wondering if it wouldn't be best to go to a Naze32 and some new ESC but it still doesn't make sense to not get at least 1 out of the 4 ESC to go into program mode.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Really want to get into this quad racing but hitting a wall!!
Thanks in advance!!


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As for OP and Libre pilot, I'm just gonna leave this here . . .


Let's take troubleshooting this a step back . . . I know you're having issues with wonky ESCs getting into their program mode can be a headache, and I'm not particularly a fan of EMAX's SIMONK ESCs -- they're not SimonK at all, nor are they even flashable to it :p Otherwise, if you can get them to work, they're not particularly bad. I wouldn't trust them to understand anything but the standard 50Hz ESC, so I wouldn't pick the oneshot or RapidESC options.

beyond that . . . until you've armed the craft I wouldn't expect the TX to have any control over the ESCs. The CC3D is managing the ESCs as the flight controller, and in a disarmed state, it won't allow the TX to impact the ESCs. If you haven't, you need to set the Arming Settings tab in the input section. this defaults to permanent disarm every time you go through the setup wizard as a safety feature. You're forced into telling it what you intend to be the arming signal, so there's no confusion among which option it defaulted to.

So after you've got that settled, wander over to the output page, *REMOVE YOUR PROPS* and turn on the "test outputs" option. You should then be able to individually control each ESC . . . or not. If you can't control them from here . . . yeah, you've got issues with your ESCs, and that needs to be dealt with, but that's independent of the flight control board.


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Got it!!

A big thank you Crafydan!!! As soon as I read the part in your post about the arming settings I knew I hadn't done that in the setup. So, last night was the first chance I had to try it and it worked fine. I have control from the transmitter now!! Like I said before, this is my first build. New to the software side of it too haha. I've watched so many videos on you tube and never saw anything about that setting.
I think I can finish the build now. Ready to get this in the air!!


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here is a simple video showing how to setup a cc3d using a lemon 6ch rx.. but it will give you the quickest way to get your cc3d up in the air. for me i just left the emax Simon K esc default mode and they fly ok.
why are you trying to program them?

Thanks for the reply Chris! That video link was helpful and the only one I've seen that talked about the arming settings in the set up. I feel stupid but at least I have control from the transmitter now.
The reason I was trying to program the ESC's is because when I was manually trying to setup the min/max throttle with the transmitter I accidently put one into program mode and was worried I may have changed some settings. I was wanting make sure they were all set the same plus I'm new at this and think it's something I should know. I've tried so many times to get them in program mode but nothing seems to work.
I'm open to any suggestions!


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i just spent the 10.00 or whatever for the ESC Simon K programming card. the latest version also allows you to change the direction of the motor.. as im to stupid to even consider screwing with stick programming..ill cheat and use the programming card.
good luck. i have no other ideas. ( and yea CC3d by defaults as no arm clicked in the GCS software which would be a issue trying to arm it with out changing.. apparently it was added for safety. and if you ever had props spin up by accident it will scare the hell out of you. LOL )