1. M

    Help! Cc3d Ibus setup, help needed

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue with outdated tech... I want to run a CC3D fc through a 10ch ibus rx (flit10, flysky's protocols) and a modded 10ch fs-i6. Link to rx here: Flit10 2.4G 10CH Micro Telemetry I had to download librepilot to be able to...
  2. Q

    quick question about he MinimOSD

    I have a MinimOSD all wired up correctly and working properly, I think, but there is one issue with it. All of the telemetry I need for the most part works (like arming and disarming) except for the battery voltage? It is constantly displaying 17ishv when my quad is only connected to a 3s? I...
  3. J

    Problem with my quad

    Hello, PS : sorry for my english, i'm french :) I had built my first quad with this pack : and a CC3D. I've recently changed my ESC to use a 4 in 1 racestar ESC...
  4. J

    CC3D Issues???? I think

    Hello I am new to this whole quad thing. I have bought an arf quad(Redcon Phoenix 210) and I am having a some issues. I got it today and plug it in and it had libre pilot on it. I got it setup and every thing worked except that on motor spun backwards not that hard to fix. I then downloaded beta...
  5. M

    Flysky PPM Setup with CC3D

    Hello guys looking for some help here. I was able to pick up an Eachine Falcon 210, and a FlySky th9x. Unfortunately I have been unable to get it air born yet or at least control it in the air. I can`t figure out how to set it up in librepilot and if whether or not I need a new receiver or...
  6. elias-b

    Hi everyone, need some help with setting up a cc3d for a quad

    This is my first foray into quadcopter and I need help.... like the title says,I need some help setting up my 260 quad( I am using librepilot and am now stuck at the transmitter setup wizard, whenever I try to setup the yaw, librepilot...
  7. S

    Setting Up Another Flightmode on CC3D

    Hi I have the spetrum dx6 black edition and I am wondering how to set up a flightmode for the CC3D flight controller. Any help is much appreciated.
  8. T

    openpilot vehicle setup wizard not working?

    This is my first quadcopter with anything other than a kk2 flight controller andi finally found a download for openpilot because thats what is etched on the bottom of the flight controller. then after a while i got the flight controller to be recognized by openpilot. the only problem is that...
  9. T

    CC3D running Cleanflight. Not a flashing question. Need advice please.

    Hey everyone. I'm still fairly new to the multirotor hobby and had a question i was hoping I could get some help with. I have a QAV 250 running a cc3d. Im interested in switching to clean flight from open pilot. I have found plenty of resources on how to flash clean flight on to it. Just need to...
  10. A

    CC3D board problem?

    Hello. I bought myself a KingKong Force 200 starterset with cc3d micro flight controller. (LibrePilot tells me it's standard CopterControl not cc3d) Problem is - when i lay the quad on the table without propellers and give some throttle everything is working nice. I can give roll and yaw inputs...
  11. G

    HELP PLEASE CC3D/ Spektrum

    I'm in the middle of my first racing quad build and having problems with my transmitter communicating with the FC. really need some help! Equipment: Emax ESC (Simon K), CC3d FC, Spektrum transmitter and receiver (AR7700). From the start I had issues getting the ESC's to go into program mode. I...
  12. A

    spektruim issues

    I have a dx6i transmitting to a 25 race quad with a cc3d and a spektrum AR610. the cc3d powers on but the receiver never powers on. i have tried to put a direct 5v. but the receiver never works. when i place voltage to it the light flickers than stops. i have tried putting other receiver on the...
  13. A

    CC3D Issues, and flashing firmwares, Use Cleanflight!

    CC3D Flight Control Board Just put my quadcopter together with a CC3D Flight control board and it has trouble connecting to open pilot. So I flashed a cleanflight firmware onto my CC3D board, but not i cant figure out how to fix my channel mappings on it... If i can do it in the program that...
  14. Zoszko

    CC3D - 250 Drifts away

    Hello everyone! I have just built my 250 FPV today, it was quite easy and straigth forward. It came with a CC3D, I have followed the wizzard and configured it. It does fly but I am having problems with it staying in place. Once I give it enough throttle to lift off it will start moving to the...
  15. M

    Weird Quad Oscillation

    Hello everyone on the FT forum! As I am new to building quad copters and this forum please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject. I am, however, somewhat experienced with RTF multi rotors and flying in the different modes. Now let's get down to business.... I recently purchased my...
  16. C

    Having trouble joining the hobby. CC3D issue

    I need help with something. I have recently put together my first 250. But im having troubles with calibrating motor 1 on a CC3D using open pilot. It is not the motor or the ESC. When i plugged motor 1 into port 3 on the CC3D it spun up no problem just as motor 3. but when I plug motor 3 into...
  17. K

    Quadcopter Flight Control Board??

    Hi guys, so I'm currently designing my first homemade quadcopter and was wondering which flight control board to get based on what I want the quad to do. I'm building a quad for photography and footage and my camera is a gopro so it will be required to be a stable quad capable of lifting some...
  18. kah00na

    CC3D Flight Board for 250 Size Quad

    How do you think a OpenPilot CCD3 would work on a 250 sized quad? is selling them for $29.40 now. I had been using an Acro Naze32 and it was great, the KK2.1.5 I'm using now, is a little wobbly but can does the job.