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Help please - Looking for a Quadcopter

Hi guys

I would appreciate your help.

After building my own quadcopter from scratch using Gadgeteer hardware (not easy, but doable) I am looking for something a bit different.

I am interested in buying a kit or a ready-made quadcopter with specific characteristics for a specific use – I am in my early stages of my robotics/machine vision doctorate and require a quadcopter for the research.

Primary Objective – Hovering, not Maneuvering
Dimensions – More or less the palm of your hand
Maximum Possible Altitude of Operation – 3000 ft
Operation Time – Anything above 5 minutes would be good. 10 minutes would be great.
Weight – The less the better, but that not a main concern.
Price – The same.
On board HD video capture and transmission in realtime. Audio is not required.
Data transmission in real time (altitude, attitude, battery level, additional user data)
Pre-Programmable and Remote Control Capabilities
The more hardy and durable (less fragile and gentle) the better
Optional large-distnace communication is good

Any pointers?