Help with battery-ESC white smoke


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I was changing one used ESC conector from t-dean xt-60 and when I finished and connect it to the battery for checking. And started a lot of white smoke so I disconnected all immediately.
But checking it I misconect the esc xt-60 connector. So I inverted + and -. Did I broke the battery???? What should I do.????? Help please


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I solder it in the right way. The ESC is working properly. But the battery lost one cell. The other two are ok.
So the question is... Could this be a loose wire on the "dead" cell? And maybe the white smoke was the old solder???? :rolleyes:. Any idea???


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If you have a dead cell in a battery I would not personally use it. A battery puts all the power through all cells in serial. If a battery in a serial pack is dead then it may have a high internal resistance which will cause heating under load and could start a fire.
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White smoke is always bad. It’s true that there’s no smoke without fire. You have fried something, you just won’t find out what until you fly next, when it will result in a crash.
Don‘t use defective batteries, any dead cells or loose connections WILL cause a fire at some point. Some people recycle cells by making new packs from the good cells and removing the bad. I don’t, mine get taken down to 0v then recycle.