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Help With ESC's

I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but I was wondering what the ring on the throttle cable for multirotor esc's are and what they are for. I found some people say they are necessary, but it looks like David Windestal takes his off. I was wondering because they make the cables kinda short and I wanted to know if I shouldn't take them off. :confused:


Master Tinkerer
I believe those things are magnets of some sort, which are supposed to absorbed electromagnetic interference, which would goose up the signals that travel through the wire it is on. You could definitely take it off, but if you start to notice jittering or flakey performance you should put it back on and see if it helps.



Helicopter addict
They are ferrite beads/rings. And as Montiey said, they take away interference. Generally ESC's generate interference because of the fast switching and pulsing electrical voltage to the motor, and we don't want that interference interfere with the signal that the ESC gets from the receiver, or to introduce interference to the receiver and all it's components.

I recommend to leave it on. It's there for a reason. If it wasn't necessary, the manufacturer would have omitted it, that's cheaper you know ;)